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  • Looking for a new group, I have enough experience in the Brazilian community.

  • Crew GK (Ganbatte Kusdasai) is searching new members. Yes, we need some fresh blood :D
    Our crew gives chance to all the managers who like the crew competitions and have good manager skills.

    With being in GK you can:

    -take part in our crew leagues, we already have 4 crew leagues in different countries. For those who aren't well informed about this points: crew leagues are more special than the normal cimpetitions because they are full with TOP managers(such as you) and gives you the oppurtunity to see your own niveau ;)

    -Crew battles- we plan many of those in the next months against good crews in different form: 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6x 6.
    Again for those who don't know much about the competitions..... That's the most unique part of this game. You and your crewmates face other crew members and the both crews collide for the win.

    -Our members are talkative and our forum is still active.

    What are you waiting? Join GK, mate!

    Message me, Alexander6666 (scout of GK)


    Welcome to our amazing football crew . We are here to have fun and because we respect other managers we think that our football differences can bring us together in one great football group.

    We are football artists because we believe that football is more than just a game, it's a culture in a way, and every culture need artists who will support the art. We love every aspect of the football game but mostly football tactics and every day we're improving !


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    @pin.kod And I loved your post! Wow! Well done mate! You're a football poet. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Thank you for the kind words, i appreciate it ! :rosette: :wink:
    Football is an amazing game in my opinion, but just one word - game - is not enough to describe what football bring to all of us, and i think that football should bring people together like culture does!

  • Hello everyone. I'm a new manager looking for a crew.

  • who wants me in their crew message me and i will decide

  • Karadeniz İmparatorluğu

    recruiting members is hiring.


    • The main account of at least 40000 points
    • Active in the game
    • Experienced in the game
    • Whatsapp uses

    Bayram Karakuş

  • Hi Everybody
    Fat Lords is French Crew who Looking for talented and motivated played

    If you think fit, send me a pm

  • recruiting members is hiring.


    The main account of at least 45000 points
    Active in the game
    Experienced in the game
    Whatsapp uses

    Bayram Karakuş

    alt metni

  • helloi'm an experienced and a good manager i want to join a cool and very active crew message me if interested thank you

  • Hello

    I am a old manager, playing since 6 years ago, i played most before the big update.

    searching for crew.

  • I am interested in joining a crew. I am fairly new but have completed three seasons winning two leagues and three cups in the process. I have about 10000 manager points.

  • I am interessed join on group

  • I like to play all alone, but I think maybe would be fun joining a crew. Or even start a one.

  • Hello ..
    Who wants to join the crew of The wolfs Araslani special or write his name to send him called
    Clause 30 has the experience
    Hello all

  • wow, it's quit over here.... i'm looking for a crew. I'm playing OSM already from 2006 (the dutch version), never really played the world-version. Started it up again. I'm curious by being at a crew without being the crew-moderator. I've got a crew myself on the dutch version from 2012 already., we're level 6 over there.

  • wo-how... really? anyone?

  • This post is deleted!
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    Infos about this topic :

    In here free agent managers can start looking for a Crew to join ( if interested to have a taste of the Crew life -forum and its adventures ) ... or ... Crew members can search as well for new promising managers to recruit them. :wink:

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